The 3rd [Tardy] Installment of Adorable Monday Madness!

28 Apr

So this whole ‘long weekend = short week’ thing caught up with me, and I realized today that it’s Thursday and I haven’t posted anything for ‘Adorable Monday Madness’. I filed my income taxes today, so if your day was anything like mine it felt a helluva lot like a Monday. Which is why I’m sharing the third installment of Adorable Monday Madness on– that’s right– a Thursday. Please grab someone you love and enjoy together:

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One Response to “The 3rd [Tardy] Installment of Adorable Monday Madness!”

  1. ainslie May 14, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    oh god, I love how much raccoons love water. adorable. I once caught 3 baby raccoons washing their little hands in a bucket of rainwater on my patio in broad daylight. cutest. ever.

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